Your website is a lot more than some place to house your portfolio work and a contact form.

That’s not going to get your those dreamy clients that you lay up at night thinking about  and it's not going to help you grow a brand that’s larger than life.

There are probably a few things that separate a website that just holds information and one that actually showcases the layers of your brand.

You know what that most important thing is?
  The successful ones know how to strategically showcase their brand to build connections, relationships, position themselves as the solution to their client's frustrations,  and uses their website as their biggest marketing tool.



With everyone competing for attention in almost every niche in the world, it can be hard to feel like your voice is being heard when you know have that you have something to say.

And you know what hurts even more?  Not knowing how to get yourself taken seriously and how to position yourself in front of the right people.

Here's the truth: Through consistency in message, in visuals, and in frequency you (yes you!) you can do both of those things effortlessly.

Consistently conveying your message from channel to channel, client to client, will help solidify your expertise and position you as an expert. 

Consistency in visuals shows that you know your brand’s identity and how to connect to  your audience.

Consistency in frequency keeps you in the forefront of people’s minds the moment they need your expertise.  

Your website plays a huge part in keeping your message and your visuals consistent: it showcases your brand in the exact light that it needs to grow, and gives your message a place to breathe and be on full display.

On your website, your message is the only one being shouted in the room.

it's like finding a bra that fits

it gives an organized, focused, & visually inspiring place for you and the people you love to work.

it strategically showcases your best work, your best content, and why you're the best for the job.

it attracts the right people & answers their questions before they inquire so you can stay out of your inbox.

it becomes a hub that all of your marketing, messaging, and hard work can lead back to.

Here are four things that a strategic and well thought out website does for your brand & business:

Your business needs an online home that makes your audience feel at home.



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You’ll wonder how (and why!) you’ve gone this long without it

Using your website as your brand’s ultimate playground keeps you in full control of how it’s portrayed and how it’s received. 

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I remember being up late one night, fixated on the idea on how strong brands are built. I knew that it couldn’t just be one thing: a strong social media presence, a converting website, or the right messaging but a combination of both. And then I realized that these strong brands aren’t all built by rockstar communicators and billionaires; they’re created by groups of people, maybe even one person, that develops a message and a feeling they want to portray to the world and then they build from there. They build a home. A solid foundation for their brand to grow. 

So I ran with the idea of an online home; it felt right to me. It stuck to the ribs and I couldn’t shake it. But I knew that it was missing something. One little piece that could ground it into my personality and how I want to connect with the world through my brand. And so I discovered the 12 Houses of Astrology. The Fourth House puts an emphasis on “home”. A place where one can center and ground themselves at peace. Through this home that we create, we can make a meeting place for ourselves and for others.

Your own home that becomes the hub of your life, is the exact same thing that your brand needs: it’s own special place to breathe, grow, and share itself with others in the best and most freest way possible.

you can call me ash.

I’m Ashleigh: a Louisiana transplant living in Houston since 2016. I’m a dog mom to a very sassy German Wirehaired Pointer named Dakota. I got my degree in Psychology from Louisiana State University, and once I decided that I did not want to go to grad school and that a traditional job wasn’t interesting for me either, I became infatuated with the idea of supporting myself financially while sharing my gifts of design with other women that want to be self-sufficient as well. I laugh too loud, drink cheap wine, curse a bit too much, and listen to a lot of true crime podcasts #murderino. Oh yeah, and Game of Thrones is the best TV show ever made. No debates.

The Fourth House is my baby and sharing my baby with the world is scary, but I hope you find even a small bit of help or knowledge here in my online home.

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