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We focus on the foundation. We'll build your online home with a foundation that’s aligned with your brand while keeping your goals and ideal client at the heart of it all. That's the mantra and design principle that will fuel every brainstorming session, and that will lead every decision.

We’re going to focus on page flow. Copywriting. Choosing the perfect images. Crafting the right call to actions. We’ll combine all of that into an online space that speaks to your readers so well that they'll immediately feel like you're reading their minds.

If that all sounds a bit overwhelming, no worries. I’ll be there with you, gently grabbing you by the elbow and leading you through.

We’ll cross the finish line together, but you’ll be the one with the medal around your neck. You got this.


Here at the Fourth House Co. we focus on the roots. 

your big imagination +
an intentional and strategic website
= your best biz investment.

My love for tech, design and coding started at a very early age. 

Let's partner together on your path to crafting a career and life that gives you balance and freedom. 

I was definitely one of those kids that spent hours on the computer (with our very terrible internet connection) tinkering with code to get my Myspace profile just right.

I didn’t have many other creative avenues at the time: I didn’t draw, paint or play music (I joined my high school's Color Guard a few years later) so teaching myself how to code and changing the design of my Myspace profile was all I had.

That love for creating and experimenting with online design got tucked away in high school and college.

I was convinced that getting my PH.D in Psychology was the only path. I was going to open up my own practice or work at a drug rehab facility for the rest of my life. So went I didn't apply to grad school, I found myself stuck at jobs that I hated but needed so I could survive.

It took me a few years after graduating to let go of the feeling that I wasn’t living up to my potential and that I missed my calling. I needed something to fill this void I had in my heart. 

So I picked up a camera and started a little photography side hustle......that went no where. Then I started a social media management side hustle because I thought I could write copy and manage other people’s social media. Yeah, that went no where too.

I won’t lie to you and say that I can pinpoint the exact moment that I realized that web design was my zone of genius.

I think I slowly came to the realization that: A) I want to set my own schedule and only speak to people that I want too. B) I have an eye for design and that I can share and C) I want to help other women fill their work lives with joy and their personal life with abundance. 

So I got up and got to work. And I worked and worked and worked. A name change, a rebrand, many late nights and tears later, here I am.

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My love letter to you

Let’s clear the air really quick: that little voice in your head that tells you that you can’t do “this” or that your work isn’t good enough – acknowledge it.

It’s just your brain trying to protect you. Acknowledge those thoughts – and take a deep breath. Because trust me, if you weren’t good at what you do, you wouldn’t have made it this far.

You made it this far because you have grit. You have perseverance. There’s something in your brain that is curious about what else is out there for you and it's pushing you forward.

This is a scary road that we’re on, you and I. It’s totally up to us to build the life that we want and the money that we make. We only have ourselves and the high (and somewhat realistic) expectations that we set for ourselves. We will falter. We will cry. We will hang our heads in our hands and scream.

Do it. Scream as loud as you can whenever you feel you have too. Cry when you have too. Say “fuck it” and leave your to-do list on your desk for tomorrow.

Because there is always tomorrow. Tomorrow will always come, and you'll get another chance to try again. To fail again. To succeed again.

Be kind to yourself. Be kind to that little girl inside you that’s afraid of the next step.

Grab her hand and keep going. 

xo, Ashleigh

I’m cheering you on.

you can do this.

Your dreams are not out of reach.

If you’re passionate about your craft, ready to crush your biz goals, and want to stand out in your industry, then I would love to talk to you more about collaborating on a website that will do that two times over.

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