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You know what I can’t stand? Knowing something isn’t working right, but not knowing how to fix it. What makes me even madder is not even knowing the first steps I should take to fix that problem.

How do I start? Should I fix this first? Should I hire someone or do this myself? It can be a humbling and confusing experience.

I can’t stop you from feeling that way about your check engine light being on or that leak in your faucet, but I can definitely help ease those feelings of confusion and frustration when it comes to a website that is doing you more harm than it is good.

That’s why I created this handy dandy little quiz – an interactive way for you to see where on the spectrum of “hot mess” to “rockstar” your website is when it comes to helping you achieve your goals and attract your ideal clients.

Each question is created to get you to think about the current state of your website in a different way, and after you get your results, you’ll have access to a complete rundown of each question and what you can do to increase your score.

That’s right – you’ll gain access to an online guide that will walk you through EXACTLY what actions you can take to turn your website around without the help of a designer.

Not to toot my own horn but – it’s pretty damn awesome. YOU WANT TO TAKE THIS QUIZ.

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