Before this year, I barely cared about Showit. I knew what it was, but everything I did was wrapped up in Squarespace. It was the platform that gave me the freedom to design and to hone my craft for years.

But just like outgrowing your hometown, I hit a wall with Squarespace. I felt that I couldn’t truly express myself uniquely so I felt like I was constraining my creativity on projects. There needed to be a shift, and since I was adding a passive income element to my business, a tough decision had to be made.

I took a chance on Showit, and I haven’t looked back! Let’s get into why Showit is one of the best things to happen to my business, and why I think it’s the right platform for well…..everybody.

Why I Left Squarespace & Hopped on Showit

So what is Showit?

Showit is a 100% drag and drop platform – and I mean that 100%. All my Squarespace users know that while the platform is drag and drop, it’s only drag and drop to a point.

Showit gives you 100% customization of every single thing on your site: images, text, layouts, navigation, etc. It’s literally a blank page. You decide every aspect either globally or individually with each element.

When I first heard of Showit, I thought that it was geared more towards photographers.

I thought there would be certain features that only a photographer needed, so I would be stuck with a bunch of things that I can’t use.

I couldn’t be more wrong.

It literally doesn’t matter what type of business you run: graphic design, copywriting, coaching, marketing, etc. You can build something you love on Showit because everything is blank slate.

Perk #1: You get a WordPress blog.

This may or may not matter to you, but I’ve always been jealous of the SEO plugins and interface that WordPress users get to use when it comes to their blog. I was earning for something more streamlined, minimalist, and a lot more powerful than what Squarespace can give me; and since I’m growing into an SEO nerd, the idea of being able to use Yoast and Jetpack literally made my heart sing. That Yoast plugin has already changed how I write and think about my content from an SEO perspective.

Perk #2: Independent design of each page and mobile viewing

I can’t begin to tell you how damn happy this makes me. Being able to control every single element and placement on desktop and mobile is a complete game changer. If there are images, text, etc. that I only want people to see on desktop, I can disable them on mobile.

And there’s no coding involved.

So Who’s it For?

Everyone! And I truly mean every single person on this planet can benefit from Showit. There are free templates available to give you a starting place, or you can purchase templates from your fav Showit designer 😉

Why I Switched

  • Squarespace was becoming more restrictive and I needed to add more and more code to get things to look a certain way.
  • Working with Yoast (wanting to be even more SEO focused)
  • My business direction: I wanted more freedom with how my shop pages are designed
  • Wanted more control over how things show up in mobile.
  • Wanted an easier platform to use (besides wordpress) to create and transfer client sites and templates to purchase.

What I’m lovin So Far

  • The wordpress blog and the plugins
  • Total customization of blog
  • Blog migration
  • Customer service

Showit has been an absolute game changer for ya girl and I am in love. This platform is truly a blank page for you and your brand to play around in; I’m loving letting my own creativity run free.

Curious about Showit and you have some questions? Comment below and let’s chat!

What is Showit & Why I Left Squarespace

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