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We don’t worry about “saturated markets” ‘round here.

As a designer with a Bachelor’s in Psychology, I put more focus on what designers should be doing: crafting visuals that are based in strategy, not trends and prettiness. Pretty doesn’t pay the bills in the long term – so we focus on making real connections with the people you wanna serve so they feel confident and excited to work with you.

And when you’re sick and tired of that hamster struggle wheel of inconsistent income, and attracting clients that don’t spark joy…

Tag me in. I’m here to get you laser focused on who you REALLY want to work with, how to connect with them (through their eye balls and their hearts), and how to use your website to turn them into leads while you sleep.

I’ve worked with entrepreneurs just like you that want nothing more than an brand that entices, and a website converts.

And you can get – scratch that – you deserve that too.

You’ve just gotta take that first step.

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Imagine a world where:

+ Your website answers all of the little questions that your leads have so you can start the onboarding process and get paid quickly.

+ You’re not afraid to give anyone your business card or website link because your visuals are ON POINT. Your branding reflects your brand’s message and style and all of your visuals are consistent and intentional. 

+ Leads are jumping at the chance of working with you and they can’t wait to pay you and get started

+ Your website does all of the selling and persuading for you in a way that isn’t sleazy – but professional, authentic and genuine. Your website cheerleads for you 24/7 and effortlessly shows your leads why you’re the best one for the job. 

+ You’re steadily increasing your rates and building the work life balance that you truly want. You’re able to take vacations whenever, work the hours that you want, and spend more time with friends and family WITHOUT being chained to a desk

I'm Ashleigh.

I help you gain clarity in your brand so you can book better clients. 

Brand Identity Design

Website Design

How can I help you?

strategic brand & Web Designer

emerald lavender - copywriter

"Ashleigh went above and beyond and helped me see my website through different eyes and see the potential it had to be more effective in capturing leads. She knows her stuff and you can trust her with your website and vision."

Past clients received those results and more

and you deserve them too.

strangers to fans


Through my signature method that's designed to dig deep into the heart of your brand and discover everything that that makes it unique, you and I will create an online presence that attracts your ideal clients, positions you as the perfect solution to their needs, and separates your from your peers.

When your online presence is designed to turn Strangers into Fans, you'll build a community filled with people that value your work and can't wait to recommend you to everyone they know.

my signature

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phase one:

Through a detail oriented and efficient system we’ll get you on board with the studio and working on client homework. This homework is meant for you to dump all of your goals, frustrations, ideas, etc. about your brand and what you want your brand and website to really do for you. This is the strategy part that a lot of DIYers miss. 

the beauty behind the method:

phase Two:

Here’s where the fun begins! I’ll take all of the strategy, planning, and brainstorming and turn that into something visual and impactful for your brand. Whether that’s a new brand identity, a new website, or both – this is where our hard work comes to fruition. You get to relax during this phase and watch the magic happen. 

phase Three:

It’s launch time baby! I’ll put the finishing touches on everything, wrap your project up in a pretty bow and pass the torch to you. Don’t fret, we’ll go through everything that you’re receiving, what to do with it, how to use it right now and how to use it in the future. And if you’re launching a new website, we’ll bring it online together and pop champagne :).

the Strangers to Fans method is for you if:

still on the fence?

+ Your website is a mess and you’re not sure what the first steps to getting it on the right track are. You’ve tried website templates but could never get them to look how you wanted.

+ You’re past semi-custom solutions and templates that are one size fits all solutions. You want to separate yourself from your peers, use your website to attract and convert the right leads, and branding that you’re not embarrassed to be attached too. 

+ Your online presence is not aligned/attracting the types of people that you want to work with. Your branding doesn’t excite you and you’re not confident to put yourself out there more. 


01 | Branding + Web Design

Everything in both the packages below.

02 | Brand Identity Design

+ Strategy Session
+ Brand Discovery Questionnaire
+ 1 Logo
+ 2 Submarks
+ Color Palette
+ Brand Style Manual

03 | Website Design

+ Strategy Session
+ Brand Discovery Questionnaire 
+ Website Copywriting Guide
+ 5 – 6 page website built on Showit or Squarespace
+ Live or recorded tutorial on your new site and how to update it.
+ 2 weeks post launch support

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