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When it comes to your business, you crave a brand that makes your heart race with possibility and a business that gives you the stability to dream bigger and bigger.  And with a thousand solutions out there all making big $$$ promises, what you're really lookin for is a creative problem solver who can help you push through the noise & eclipse the competition with powerful, emotive branding that speaks to people - YOUR PEOPLE.

Your people are in need of the confidence and inspiration that your business brings them - and if you're too busy trying to be like everyone else or spending precious time on things that don't move the needle in your business, then you're doing more than just spinning your wheels. You're depriving the world of your unique and problem solving talents.


I'm Ashleigh Keith, a creative problem solver for woman led brands that prefer to cultivate relationships instead of the perfect Instagram photo.

brand strategist and designer

You and I have gotten to where we are because we dedicate ourselves to showing up for our people in the best way that we can. Because at the end of the day, we know that's all our clients want from us - someone to show up, push, engage, and excite them

It's in our DNA - to push harder with every project, to take that extra mile. And while prioritizing rest can be hard (my best ideas come to me right before bed)  we know we can't be ourselves if we don't take care of ourselves. 

You and I value efficiency and communication. Heartfelt moments and community. Refining our strategies and adapting  to our environment.  A good days work and a life changing nap.

And sometimes running a business and paying bills can make you lose sight of that.  

so my goal is to meet you where you are and push you farther.

Because I know what it's like to lose your way.

After staring at a pile of half filled out grad school applications, I decided to step away from academia and create the business I was itching to build. One where women would have the power to grow & scale businesses that fill them with awe and excitement.

But it took several tries for me to build the business I envisioned. From a failed wedding photography business to a web-only studio, with different names and brands attached to them, each step just felt like a missed opportunity.

From that serendipitous fourth try at a business, The Fourth House developed into a brand rooted in the meaning of home (which, ironically enough, is what the fourth house of astrology stands for), simultaneously challenging me to reach for the stars but also stay grounded in my foundation. 

Enneagram 5w1. Anime Enthusiast. Grad School wannabe. 

Because being impactful means getting laser-focused on your people and making your business irresistible to them. By the end of your experience with us, you will have everything you need to keeping building a business that inspires, challenges, and supports you and those you love.

In other words, I use my background in Psychology to develop human-centered brands for women that want to do more than just run a business - they want to make a greater impact on the world around them.

work with us

Let’s dig into the beautifully messy saga that is your brand story - and intentionally organize each chapter into an exciting brand presence.


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Ashleigh's Dating Profile

( likes )

- Trader Joes Sangria wine in a box is the best boxed wine on the market. Hands down.

- Korean Fried Chicken is the best fried chicken on this planet. It's better than your mee-maw's, I promise.

- Charcuterie boards make me feel fancy and  I pronounce "Charcuterie" a different way each time I say it.

- Action movies with women doing a lot of hand to hand combat are the best movie genres. Like Charlize Theron in Atomic Blonde. 

( dislikes )

- I hate  being late to anything. I will show up at least 2 hours early to catch a flight. I'm that serious. 

- Cold Pasta is AWFUL. Seriously, what is the point? It's disgusting. Cold pizza is nasty too. You ordered it hot, now you wanna eat it cold?!

- Christmas music. It's just.....lame. And the color palette for Christmas is super lame. 

When I'm not working or watching volleyball anime, you'll catch me drinking beer on my back porch.

( meet me at the bar )

hometown: lafayette, louisiana

favorite drink: margarita or french 75

favorite artist: jmsn

currently obsessed with: korean police dramas, old school anime, pop culture podcasts, my fiance's baking habits.

i curse in meetings, i REFUSE TO WORK ON THE WEEKENDS, and i take a lot of naps. 

I get up every fucking day to show up for my people in the best way that I can, because I refuse to sit back and play it small.

let's shake shit up