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I'm a graphic and web designer helping female entrepreneurs grow their business and share their vision with the world. I was raised in Louisiana, but I'm currently living in Houston with a super supportive boyfriend and a sassy Wirehaired Pointer named Dakota. Most days I'm bribing my dog with treats for cuddles, watching UK crime shows, or being an amateur foodie around town. 

If you're looking for a tech nerd with a strategic mind, I'm your girl.

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My love for tech, design and coding started at a very early age. 

I was definitely one of those kids that spent hours on the computer (with our very terrible internet connection) tinkering with code to get my Myspace profile just right.

I didn’t have other creative avenues at the time: I didn’t draw, paint or play music (I joined my high school's Color Guard a few years later) so teaching myself how to code and changing the design of my Myspace profile was all I had.

That love for creating and experimenting got tucked away as I grew up and graduated college. It took me a few years after graduating to let go of the feeling that I wasn’t living up to my potential and that I missed my calling. I needed something to fill this void I had in my heart. 

That’s REALLY what the Fourth House is. 

My way of passionately helping other women stand out as who they are and show up for their people the best way they can.


"Ashleigh took the time to really dig deep into understanding our brand, products, and mission. Her thoroughness still blows me away and I loved her approach and demeanor. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to anyone. She presents everything in a super friendly and understandable fashion. I am beyond impressed by and grateful for her help."

Through a method designed to get to the heart of your brand and discover everything that that makes it unique, you and I will create an online presence that attracts your ideal clients, positions you as the perfect solution to their needs, and separates your from your peers.

When your online presence is designed to turn Strangers into Fans, you'll build a community filled with people that value your work and can't wait to recommend you to everyone they know.

The Strangers to Fans Method

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can I ask you something?

What would it mean for your business if you had quality leads coming in every day?⁠ I'm talking DREAM projects that really make your heart race?

Would it mean zero guilt over raising your prices? Would it mean spending more time with family and friends? Actually paying yourself a salary that covers your basics AND makes you super comfortable?⁠

Or maybe it means happiness and confidence. Confidence that you’re on the right path - one that will support and fulfill you. Happiness that you stuck it out, put your head down, did the work, asked for help, and came out SUCCESSFUL.⁠

I want that and SO MUCH MORE for you and your business. I want to be that support that you need to take your brand to the next level that has you paying yourself more and working less.

xo, Ashleigh

I’m cheering you on.

i'm in! let's get started!