bethany takes photos

Bethany Takes Photos is a quirky and personable photography biz ran by it's equally quirky and personable found, Bethany Brewster. Bethany specializes in telling human stories through images, bringing out her client's innate nature and emotion to tell the story of who they are. 

Bethany and I came into each other's orbit in the spring of 2019. I was looking for a local Houston photographer for some headshots for The Fourth House Co, and like any millennial with an internet connection - I went on Instagram.


All Photos on this page are courtesy of Bethany Takes Photos

Working together was a no brainer for my photos after meeting her, so when she reached out to me in July of 2020 to redo her branding, we picked up right where we left off.

AK: "What do you love most about what you do?"

"That moment when I see someone let their guard down and I really get to see who they are. My clients want photos that really show who they are and/or the personality of their business. Without this, they may feel less confident and they may struggle with getting the right clients for their own business."


The original BTP branding and website was still aligning somewhat with the lane that the brand wanted to stay on, but the overall online presence needed some updating and cleaning up.

While the persona of her target audience and ideal client stayed the same - Bethany wanted to showcase the different industries and types of projects that she was working on. So including these new industries, product based businesses and musicians, along with her portrait work was super important. 

An expansion of the brand was needed as well - her original logo didn't give her much versatility and flexibility. It was very important that she be able to use variations of her logo to fit any situation she encounters where she needs to brand herself.


A comprehensive brand suite that brought a bit of maturity while maintaining that playful and quirky vibe that's true to Bethany and to her clients. 

The logo draws inspiration from modern typography with a quirky yet professional feel. The incorporation of the connected letters was done to subtly bring out one of the top BTP brand values - connection. By connecting some letters to their neighbor, it's a reminder to the audience that the BTP environment is a collaborative and supportive one.

The simple and playful incorporation of the tagline is a powerful way to remind the audience of the joy that comes from play. A reminder of the relief that comes from not taking yourself too seriously, and letting the moment take you. The chosen base typeface is a simple and modern one - allowing for the other elements at play to take center stage. It's an approachable and strong type and when used, it will firmly place the BTP flag and claim the territory - while not taking any space away from anyone else.


The BTP website had a simple goal: to bring in her recent and updated work into an environment that was clean, fun, engaging, modern, and easy to move through. 

White space was used to balance out her work and allowing it to take center stage. Spacing of her images were used strategically, especially on the homepage, to guide the visitor down the page and through her work. Encouraging them to click through each page and explore. 

Color usage played some part in the overall site, but with her work being colorful and very lively, brand colors were used sparingly and with caution. No need to overwhelm and draw the eye in multiple places.


Bethany is a very talented photographer and interesting person to work with as a client and as collaborative partner. It can take a bit of finesse (at least for me) to balance quirky and playful without making things childlike.

I think that balance was nailed here and I'm super excited that we were able to keep that playfulness and connected aspect at heart through the branding and on the website. 



Visit bethany's website here.