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I’m gonna tell you something super nerdy about me.

I spend A LOT of time looking at and analyzing other people’s websites. Especially websites of people that I’m super interested in.

Whether they’re in the niche that I love to serve (female photographers and service providers) or their business and personality is super interesting to me – I always pull their website up and lurk through it.

I want to see what they’re doing that’s working and what I think isn’t working, so I can keep those notes for my future clients. Hoarding knowledge is the Enneagram 5 in me.

One thing that I see my beloved photographers not doing – and it gets a hard eye-roll and an audible “ughhhhh” from me every time – is either completely ignoring their blog or use it poorly.

It hurts. Such prime real estate being wasted with just photo after photo of work with no real context or substance behind the post.

Blogging can be a powerful way to connect with your ideal clients and get them to fill out your contact form and work with you.

I guarantee you that if you put time and effort into blogging, your traffic will rise.


In addition to the benefits that it can give your business, it gives you some personal benefits as well. Writing about the ins and outs of your passion positions you as an expert and gives you confidence in your abilities.

Now that you’re convinced, what do you write about?

Blogging for Photographers:

Write about your work

You’re already putting your best work on your portfolio or gallery page, so let’s do something more creative and useful on your blog.

Just putting a little paragraph (probably stuffed with keywords) plus a 50 image gallery that takes forever to get through is hurting you in three ways:

  1. The less words on the page, Google isn’t going to take it serious when it’s time to rank it. Posts with at the minimum 300-500 words will give Google enough content to scan and will allow you to use those keywords more spread out and effectively.
  2. If you don’t have ALT titles on your images and they aren’t compressed to load quickly, you’re killing your SEO AND you’re slowing down your blog. No Bueno.
  3. You’re not telling a story. You’re simply slapping your work up there without telling people why they should give a damn.

So how do you write about your work effectively?

Tell a Story

Jasmine Star does an AMAZING job with this. She writes about the weddings that she photographs with such care and elegance – she makes a real effort to describe her couple’s relationship and love for each other so that her audience can feel it.

Showing her readers that she truly does care about her couples and their marriage.

She picks and pairs certain images together and walks you through each event of the day so you can see the wedding unfold.

Click here to read one post where she does this.

One way that you can punch this up even more, is use your couples own words to help you write the story.

Whenever you speak to them, or they actually write to you about their wedding, use those words in your post. If your bride is super excited about her venue and she uses glowing language to explain how it’ll be decorated, quote her in your post!

If you get a glowing testimonial from them, work their words of praise into the post.

This will help potential brides see the potential their wedding photos can have, and hearing praise about you will score you some serious points.

Writing about your work this way stops you from using 50 random images and forces you to choose the absolute best ones that will tell the best story.

Write about how you get your shots

The pose can really make or break the photo.

Not everyone knows how to pose on their first shoot. But once you find your rhythm and gain more experience, you’ll find yourself purposely interacting with your couples and clients in your own special way so you can get those poses that really represent them.

People can be awkward as hell before warming up to their photographer.

Talk about your process of getting your favorite shots; talk about how you helped positioned them, how you go them to relax or how you got them to tell you a story or something funny about their partner.

Talking about how you pose your clients and how you help them relax in front of the camera is GOLDEN.

Your clients just want photos that they don’t look awkward in. You gotta reassure them of that.

Write about locations, venues, etc.

Destination photographers can benefit from this IMMENSELY. Is there a country that you want to shoot a wedding in that you haven’t yet? Do research on wedding venues and write a round up post.

Get some SEO for brides searching for venue ideas in that city and mention how open and excited you are to travel to that city and work with them.

You should also write posts about the venues and locations that you have shot in. If you’ve shot 10 weddings in Austin, do a blog post of your top 5 favorite venues in Austin and why.

Or if you’ve shot some portraits in some interesting places and the photos are bad ass, write something like “5 unexpected places in Toronto for creative and fun headshots”.

Just because you know of that secret mural wall on the other side of town, doesn’t mean your client does.

Those examples show your expertise in a geographical area and that you’re comfortable shooting in different types of places.

And hey if one of your favorite places to shoot senior portraits is on the top floor of an empty parking garage downtown, write about it! Include pictures of how location matters – but it’s what you do with your surroundings that can make or break that photo.

Give Advice

Most clients don’t know how to relax in front of the camera – and A LOT of them don’t know what to wear either.

This is the perfect time to talk about the dos and don’ts of what to wear to family sessions, engagement sessions, etc.

If you’ve done some sessions with clients that brought props and you thought they were adorable, make a post about different types of props to bring to add some fun to the shots.

Not everyone that decides to work with you will know exactly what to do, what to wear, or how to act during a session. This is your time to shine and position yourself as a resource and an expert.

Eight topics to get you started

Here are a few topics to get you started:

  1. Your favorite types of weddings to shoot
  2. Top Ten places to shoot engagement photos in your area
  3. What to wear to your engagement shoot
  4. What to wear to your portrait session
  5. Why I love shooting bridal sessions
  6. 10 props to bring to an engagement session
  7. What to wear to your Christmas mini session
  8. The secret gems of (insert your city) to get intimate and romantic photos

I understand that writing might not be for you. You may be thinking “Ashleigh. Baby girl. Imma photographer, I ain’t a writer”.

*cue buzzer sound* WRONG. YOU’RE BOTH.

No one is saying that these posts have to be super in-depth 2000 word novels. Write 500 word lists, how tos, roundups etc. to educate your potential clients, show off your expertise and your best work all at the same damn time.

Do This Now:

Grab a piece of paper and think of three blog post topics right now. They can be ones that you came up with on your own, or three from the list above. Once that’s one, think of three subtopics/bullet points for each.

Then, schedule some time to write. All it takes are baby steps and some confidence. Just write. Get it all out, then come back, edit, and finalize.

I’d love to read your posts! Drop a link to them below so I can check them out!

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