Jaw Dropping, Strategic Design in Two Weeks, Flat.

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A condensed and efficient journey to elevate your online presence and book more of the RIGHT clients. 

Where could your business be in two weeks?

Picture this. Your calendar is booked with projects you’re excited to work on with clients you ADORE. You’re consistently getting compliments like “your website just spoke to me! I knew I had to work with you!” or “You really stand out from everyone else I’ve come across”.

Sounds fucking amazing right? And I hear what you’re saying....

A fast-paced solution to your most pressing design woes. During our two week journey, we'll tackle the biggest frustrations you're experiencing with your online presence with affordable (yet scalable) solutions.

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Two Week Design Intensives

You’re still flinching every time a potential client asks for your website link. And that’s the killer part - that website you DIYed isn’t horrible.......it just doesn’t reflect the high caliber of work that you’re consistently doing. 

Or maybe you’re a newbie in your industry and you wanna hit the ground running, but you don’t have even a tiny shred of a cohesive online presence to point people to (and launching a website is at the very bottom of your to do list). 

All of this is hurting your credibility and closing the door on opportunities you KNOW you’d be perfect for.

"But I’m miles away from that"

You need a solution ASAP.

an online presence that gives you confidence to show up and show out.

a new brand and website ready to launch in two weeks......not three months

a strong foundation to build your new business on that didn't break the bank

allow me to introduce you to 

a disheveled website template that doesn't fit your brand style

that canva logo you made a few months ago

spinning your wheels on pinterest making mood boards that you don't know what to do with

Who are Two Week Intensives perfect for?

Intensives are PERFECT for startups or newer brands in the first 1-3 years of business who need a cohesive online presence in a shorter timeline.

You've been working hard on getting your business off the ground and finding your voice in your industry. But an online presence that doesn't reflect all of your badassness is NO BUENO.

Let's take two weeks to elevate your brand and get you that confidence and clarity that you deserve.

let's get started!

What can we get done in two weeks?

that all sounds great but

Oh shit I’m soooooo glad you asked.

A Simple Brand Suite

A Simple 5 Page Showit or Squarespace Website

Digital Collateral or Content Design

You need a simple brand suite that's stunning, professional, and cohesive. You're needing an arsenal of logos to fit different spaces, places, and sizes so you can brand each of your touchpoints and wow your clients at every turn.

We’ll work together to develop some basic logos, color palette and typography combination that represents your brand well and connects with your target audience.

A Simple Brand Suite

A Simple 4 Page Showit or Squarespace Website

Digital Collateral or Content Design

Already got some branding in place that you're loving? Already got a website set up that needs a facelift and some TLC? A Two Week Intensive is perfect for you.

It's hard to DIY your website and create an organized and cohesive experience that invites people in, not scare them away. 

Let's hop into your site, make some recommendations and design changes to give it an aesthetic boost and to increase your conversions.

A Simple Brand Suite

A Simple 5 Page Showit or Squarespace Website

Digital Collateral or Content Design

So you love your branding and have a solid website up and running, but your to-do list of things to get done keep piling and piling up. 

There's that private pricing page you've been meaning to add, or that PDF pricing guide, the workbooks for your upcoming mini course, or some social media templates so your IG can stop looking a hot mess. Let's knock that out in a two week intensive so you can hit the ground running.

We’re going to take you from unsure and frustrated, to adored and paid. 

in two weeks time

Once you fill out the form below, we'll hop on a quick discovery call to make sure that an intensive is right for you. We'll also discuss what specific items we're gonna tackle during our two weeks, and the next available start date. If we're a good fit, you'll accept your proposal, pay your invoice, and sign your contact. That secures your spot!

get your spot:

Once you're signed on, we'll get your set up in our project management system so you can get started on your questionnaire and any other client homework we'll need before your start date. You'll also schedule your 30 min kick off meeting.

onboarding & prep

Brand introduction Questionnaire

During our two week sprint I'll be presenting your designs or mockups to you for quick feedback. Once I get your feedback, I'll go back into the lab to make those adjustments. You'll also have access to me via our private chat channel for quick questions and updates.

off to the races:
wrap up & celebrate:

As our intensive is coming to an end, I'll be handing over final files, resource guides, video tutorials, etc. to you so you can hit the ground running with your new look! You'll also have 3 weeks of support from me post-project for any questions.

( here's how it works )

Get expert hands on your online presence so you can go from exhausted and overlooked, to booked out and in demand.

sounds fucking legit, doesn't it?

hell yeah, let's go!

Everything you mentioned on the walkthrough call made me feel really confident and happy about booking with you because you really are putting so much thought, detail, and time into designing my brand. I couldn't be more grateful! Thank you so much for everything!

king words from past fhc clients

- Vasva Omanovic, vasva and co.

this is perfect for you if
  • You’re on a short timeline and need a quick turnaround.

  • You have the time and bandwidth to give quick feedback (within 24 hours) and you're excited to work in a faster paced collaboration.

  • You have a clear idea of your style and you need help turning those ideas into a cohesive online presence.

  • You need serious help with the pre-made designs you’ve bought previously, but you’re not quite ready to invest in a full-scale, fully custom project. 
this is not a good fit for you if
  • You like to take your time when reviewing designs and providing feedback.

  • You’re not quite sure what your overall design style is or what creative direction to take.

  • You want the full custom experience with detailed or intricate design work – and have the budget to accomodate for this.

While the Two Week Intensive is a dream for many, it's not the perfect solution for everyone.

Ready to go from confused and disheveled to confident and refreshed?

Lock in your Two Week Intensive and let's do some fucking work.

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