Marcea Lena Photo Co.

Marcea Lena Photo Co, named after it's founder, romantic and inclusive photography studio out in Kansas City Missouri. Her business is centered around human connection, respect, inclusivity and creativity. She aims to honor the very intimate human-ness of her clients and does so through the candid and romantic style of her photography. 

To hear Marcea talk about her work and what she loves most about what she does, it's best to hear it straight from her: "I love that photography has the ability to be whatever it wants to be; it can be entirely candid and hold a memory only one person remembers, a pivotal political statement, it can even document history. It also has the ability to be influenced by dozens of concepts and can take on any form it likes. But above all it requires creative collaboration.

There are usually two parties the one taking the photo and the person (or thing) being photographed. There are a dozen ways you can photograph a subject but there are also a dozen more ways your subject can react to the environment. I love that this business offers me the freedom to be inspired by anything and everything and that all inspiration is contingent on the human experience. To photograph the human experience is an honor and privilege."


All Photos on this page are courtesy of Marcea Lena Photo Co.

I'm a sucker for photographers, so seeing Marcea's application in my inbox was already scoring points with me. Being a bit of a failed photographer myself (oh what a time!) I have a soft spot for those that take the time to capture small and intimate moments of their couples. 

AK: "What do you love most about what you do?"

"I want my business and my work to inspire people to pursue a posture of openness, and ultimately make them feel soft, maybe a bit vulnerable. I want them to be creative, to feel like the main character(lol gen z makes me laugh). I want them to feel connected to the fragile makeup of humanity.

To honor humanity and celebrate human connection takes guts, and when people think of my business I want them to feel like they can enter a safe space."


To introduce the brand to a higher priced clientele: couples that can see past the surface level want of “wedding photos” and see them for what they are: timeless creative heirlooms that encapsulate their deep love and respect for their partner. This clientele is more interested in the experience of getting their wedding portraits taken and learning more about each other through the experience, with the photos being a reminder of that experience.


We created a clean and cohesive brand with a soft, romantic, and intimate feel. To expand the brand through wordmarks, illustrations, and other collateral items to give a truly cohesive system that allows Marcea remind her audience of the beautiful and exciting life milestone that they are hurtling towards. 


We designed an online home for her brand that was a much more cohesive and easy to engage with. Her work was allowed to breath and take center stage - softly moving the audience from page to page and seeing themselves in her work. 


Stepping into MLPC's universe of the soft and warm was a refreshing change of pace for me. Being a moody and dramatic designer myself, being able to collaborate on a project that allowed me to dig deep into the softer and more feminine side of myself was very welcome.

My favorite parts of this project are the little poems hidden throughout her website. The work that Marcea does is romantic and loving and intimate, and our idea of integrating snippets of poems into her site really amplify that. 



Visit marcea's website here.