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You've bought a Fourth House Co. template, now it's time to fit it your brand and release it to the world. Let a professional help you put the final touches on your site before you launch. 

this is for you if:

You ready to launch your site but want someone to check it out and add any final touches you might have missed.

You love your Fourth House Co. template but want help really matching that template to your brand.


let me introduce you to...


→ Full review of your website from top to bottom taking note of errors, copy that
needs upgrading, and overall design fixes that I think will really make your site
stand out.
→  1 hour recorded video call with me reviewing your site and making changes
live with you.
→  Google Doc filled with all of the changes that we're going to make.
→  1-2 custom sections added to your site (like a new testimonial layout or gallery).


What you get:

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1. You purchase and customize your Fourth House Co. Showit template website yourself.
2. After your invoice is paid and you schedule our one hour call, I'll go through your entire site taking note of what needs fixin and polishing.
3. Before our call, I'll send a Google Doc with all of the suggested changes we’re gonna make live.
4. We hop on a video call to go over those changes and make them together right on the spot.
5. Once the call is over, I'll send over the recording of our call.
6. You work with Showit to get your domain transferred and launch when you’re ready!

One day - $250*

timeline & investment:

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→ Your purchased Fourth House Co. Showit template will be completely customized for your brand by me.
→ We'll use the base structure and layout of the template as our foundation.
→ I'll add your content, images, colors, fonts, etc. to your site for you. If you're not sure what fonts or colors to use, I'll take care of that too!


What you get:

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1. After you purchase your template and fill out the Remix Request Form, I'll send over a confirmation email, a questionnaire, and get your project set up in Asana: my project management system.
2. Once you fill out the questionnaire and send over all of your content, I'll start remixng your template and filling it in with your copy and website imagery.
3. When you're in love with everything, you'll work with Showit to get your domain transferred and launched when you're ready. 

One week - $500*

timeline & investment:

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"Ashleigh went above and beyond to help turn my website from a blog to a business. I would absolutely recommend her to anyone. I was able to see my website through different eyes and see the potential it had to be more effective in capturing leads.
Her advice is worth its weight in gold. Ashleigh knows her stuff and you can trust her with your vision. A bright and friendly personality mixed with user experience expertise makes Ashleigh an excellent choice for your needs."

emerald lavender | copywriter

"She really dug deep into understanding our brand, products, and mission. I especially liked that I got a sense of what to prioritize in terms of ease of implementation and importance of impact.

I am beyond impressed by and grateful for Ashleigh's help. Her thoroughness still blows me away, and I loved her approach and demeanor. Like, can we be friends? :) "

meredith eastburn | florist

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