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What would it mean for your business if you had quality leads coming in every day?

Would it mean zero guilt over raising your prices? Would it mean spending more time with family and friends?  Actually paying yourself a salary that covers your basics AND makes you super comfortable?

Or maybe it means happiness and confidence. Confidence that you’re on the right path - one that will support and fulfill you. Happiness that you stuck it out, put your head down, did the work, asked for help, and came out SUCCESSFUL.

Raise your hand if you’ve felt any of these:

Sales are sporadic or non-existent. You KNOW you have something amazing to offer, but you can’t focus on your craft or marketing your biz with your website holding you back.

Your message is constantly changing. You’re not always sure who you’re talking to or how to talk to them. You try every strategy but nothing's working.

You know that you’re an expert at what you do, but you don’t have a solid platform to showcase your expertise and show your smarts. You cringe at giving your business card or your website link because you just know they’re gonna judge you.

If you raised your hand for any of the above, YOU’RE NOT ALONE. 

The GROUNDED Experience was specifically designed so you can build the strongest foundation possible for your business.

I know you’re ready to make an impact and help people through your message.

In order to accomplish that, you’ll need to build an engaged audience.

It's time to put a stop to the shame right now. 

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you finally have an organized, focused, & visually inspiring online place to talk about what you do and why it matters.

your brand and website are perfectly matched - your own clients see you as an experienced professional they can't wait to work with.

you're attracting the right people, filling your project calendar, and stabilizing what once was sporadic income. 

you raise your prices, still get bad ass clients, and make time for yourself and your family.

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imagine this:

The GROUNDED experience is that sweet spot where brand strategy, brand identity and strategic design live in harmony. This experience is ideal for creatives, service based entrepreneurs, and photographers that crave a deeper meaning of their relationship to their brand, a clear and confident understanding of their message and a website that easily builds credibility.

Having a beautiful, authentic, and original brand as an extension of who you are, your ideal clients are able to not just see but FEEL like they could work with a true expert and leader to solve their problems. 

The grounded experience

A 2-2 1/2 week BRAND and web DESIGN experience THAT HELPS YOU TO CREATe:

a brand identity
that's authentic

a strategic launch pad
for growth

an attraction magnet
for the right people

an online home
to match your vision

When your website can show the world how you relate and support your ideal clients, hearts start racing and projects start flowin' in. The number one goal of the GROUNDED experience is to really dig deep into the true meaning behind your brand so we can create a design that will last you for years to come. When you have a brand that is laser focused on it’s mission, people will trust you more and turn to you as their go-to source.

It’s about way more than creating a beautiful visuals – it’s about finding the real message behind your brand and portraying it in the RIGHT way to the RIGHT people.

"Ashleigh went above and beyond to help turn my website from a blog to a business. I would absolutely recommend her to anyone. I was able to see my website through different eyes and see the potential it had to be more effective in capturing leads.
Her advice is worth its weight in gold. Ashleigh knows her stuff and you can trust her with your vision. A bright and friendly personality mixed with user experience expertise makes Ashleigh an excellent choice for your needs."

emerald lavender | copywriter

"She really dug deep into understanding our brand, products, and mission. I especially liked that I got a sense of what to prioritize in terms of ease of implementation and importance of impact.

I am beyond impressed by and grateful for Ashleigh's help. Her thoroughness still blows me away, and I loved her approach and demeanor. Like, can we be friends? :) "

meredith eastburn | florist

I want you to have an authentic brand and website that gives you an unique virtual voice. Why? Because it shows your readers exactly who you are and how you're their best solution. With an updated look it won't be long before you're exceeding those income goals and working on projects that light you up.

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what's included?

i'm glad you asked!


+ Brand Discovery Questionnaire
+ Strategy Meeting
+ Website Copywriting Guide


+ Primary Word Mark Logo
+ Secondary Word Mark Logo
+ Color Palette
+ Typography Combinations
+ Brand Style Guide & Inspiration Board


+ Custom Built Website on Showit
+ Mobile Responsive & Friendly Design
+ Showit Setup
+ Wordpress Blog Setup


+ Website Training Video Library
+ 2 weeks post launch support


+ Brand Discovery Questionnaire
+ Strategy Meeting
+ Website Copywriting Guide


+ Custom Built Website on Showit
+ Mobile Responsive & Friendly Design
+ Showit Setup
+ Wordpress Blog Setup


+ Website Training Video Library
+ 2 weeks post launch support

Branding + Web Design

Web Design Only

includes everything in the above package plus:

who do you work with?


virtual assistants

marketing strategists

social media managers


photographers & wedding professionals

timeline & investment:

2-2 1/2 weeks 

BRANDING + WEB DESIGN: Starting from $1,300*

*Prices depends on the amount of website content and website pages needed. The investment includes a 8 page custom Showit website.. E-commerce based websites are an additional cost. Please contact for a custom quote!

WEB DESIGN ONLY: Starting from $1,000*

Your solution is just a click away.

Up-level your sales and get them flowing through your website on auto-pilot.

Present a professional brand identity to the world on an online platform that stands out from the crowd.

Take that business of yours super serious, stop making excuses, and invest in the help that you know you need.

If you’re truly ready to:

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