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Everyone has a few website improvements they can easily do to strengthen their website.

By clicking on this post you’re telling me a few things: You know you do damn good work, and you’re ready to take on more projects and grow your business.

You don’t have a bunch of time to sit and fiddle with your website.

You got money to make. Clients to love on. Dogs to cuddle.

Those first two aren’t gonna keep happening if your website is confusing the folks you wanna work with and pushing them out the door.

So let’s fix that.

Here are seven website improvements that you can complete in 1-3 days with about an hour of focus each day.

Let’s turn those readers into loyal fans, shall we?

Everyone has a few website improvements they can easily do to strengthen their website. Here are seven you can do right now to turn readers into loyal fans. #showitwebdesigner #websitetips #copywritingtips

Make sure your call to actions are sharp 

The first on the list of website improvements on our list is about your call to actions.

Every page on your website needs a call to action. I recommend only having one on each page and here’s why.

When people are surfing the internet, people LOVE to be told what to do.  

Someone else telling you what to do keeps decision paralysis at bay.

Keep your call to actions to one per page to make it super clear as to what the next step is.

It’s a sweet sigh of relief when a page answers our questions, tells us what to do, or leads us to the next step.

Every page has two questions to answer: how to connect with them and what do we want to persuade them to do?

The connecting and the persuading part is the psychological goal. The “do” is the physical goal. 

When a reader completes both, that usually results in them filling out the form, signing up for something, etc. 

Here’s what that looks like in practice:

About Page:

Psychological: relate to their struggles and their journey, use your credibility to create authority, instill trust in them that your services are the right solution.

Physical: Encourage them to learn more about my services

Services Page:

Psychological: relate to their struggles, acknowledge their pain points/frustrations, paint a pre and post project picture of their life and business.

Physical: hop on a free consultation or send an inquiry.

Once you’ve established these goals, set up the functionalities that you’re going to need to help reach the physical goals. Do you need buttons, sign up forms, plugins, etc?

Meet their Expectations

Confusion is the last thing that you want on your website.

Confusion leads to frustration and that ain’t good. 

Makinh sure that your website is meeting basic expectations when it comes to content (and a few other things) is one of the best website improvements you can make.

Put yourself in their shoes: what information would you want to see on someone’s website if you were looking to hire someone like you?

Some common answers are: 

  • how long are the projects
  • what’s included
  • your expertise/background
  • how many clients you take a year
  • how booked out are you/are you accepting clients right now
  • what platforms do you use (for us web designers)
  • Testimonials
  • overview of your process, etc.

This may seem like a trivial step, but we’ve all been on websites that don’t meet the bare minimum of information expectations. 

The answers to these questions will help people weed themselves out and save you both some time.

Update Your Visuals

The images that are on your website should be a reflection of your brand – and should have elements of you and your ideal client weaved throughout.

Let’s be clear: your brand has to have some elements from your own personality in it for it to A) survive and be unique and B) so you don’t become disconnected and bored.

In addition to that, your ideal client has to be attracted to your brand visually. 

Go through each page on your site and make sure the images are still relevant and aligned with your brand.

Think about this:

If you were looking for a brand designer with a minimal, luxury, and minimal feel – you wouldn’t hire someone who uses loud and bold colors and handdrawn illustrations throughout their portfolio.

It doesn’t mean that their work isn’t good, but their style doesn’t match with yours.

Keep a consistent vibe with your images to signal to your ideal client that they align visually with you.

Clean Up Your Blog 

The next few website improvements are all directly related, and the results are more traffic from our friend Pinterest and a tightening up of how people are using your blog.

Clean up your sidebar

Take a look at your sidebar and see if anything is no longer relevant, you can switch it out for something better, or needs to be removed completely.

Tighten Up your Most Popular Posts

Go through your most popular posts (if you don’t already know this, Google Analytics will tell you), and refresh them.

Replace the main Pinterest graphic with a new one and pin that to Pinterest.

Make sure your opt-in forms are working correctly, or add some in for some relevant freebies that you’ve made since the post was published.

Skim through the post and see if there are any info graphics you can make to better illustrate your points.

While you’re skimming, see if you have large paragraphs of text and break them up. Use bullet points and lists to make reading easier.

Delete Old or Underperforming Posts

Pull your Google Analytics back up and take a look at the posts that have been underperforming for last four months.

See if there’s anything you can do to breathe some life into them. This can be quick things like making it easier to read, adding in some relevant content upgrades or freebies, or it can be more intense like possibly rewriting and republishing.

If you don’t think you can bring some life back to it in a day, schedule it on your to do list for a later date.

But If you think it’s beyond saving, you might want to delete it. Since it’s performing so low, there won’t be many people going to it to see that the link is broken. It’s your choice.

Revisit your Navigation

Nothing kills the vibe more than a terribly designed organization menu.

Take a look at yours and make sure the links are still working, things look good on mobile, and all of the most important pages are represented there.

A strategic addition you can add to your navigation is to make the last link a button or give it a contrasting color. Some templates on Squarespace let you do this, and on Showit it’s super easy.

Why do this? It’ll catch people’s attention and make them want to click it.

I recommend making it lead your readers to your primary goal for your website.

Check the font sizes and spacing on mobile

This little website improvement is more so for us Showit users.

Since Showit is 100% drag and drop, it can be pretty easy for elements to get jumbled and messed up on mobile.

Pay attention to how and where your elements fall on mobile and make adjustments so you can offer a seamless experience on any device.

Pull out your phone and go through each page on your website and see if anything needs tightening up.

Also, check your font sizes. Studies show that 16px on desktop and mobile is a good starting place.

Sprinkle in some Testimonials

This last one on the list of website improvements is super strategic if you do it right.

If you don’t already have some testimonials or have some new ones to add, now would be a great time to do it.

Change out any old ones if you want, or find new places to add some in to back up any claims that you make about your services.

Check out this example:

Only after a couple of months of working with me, my clients have been able to double or triple their income from the previous years.

(Then right underneath, hit them with a testimonial)

“Working with Sam was like a breath of fresh air. Literally. She breathed new life into me and into my business. We worked together on my processes and the inner workings of my business and I was able to not only be booked out a year in advance, but also double my income from last year. She’s the real deal”.

Boom. Use other people’s praise about you to influence and persuade others.


That wasn’t so bad was it? You don’t have to spend hours and hours making these tweaks and adding in some strategy to your website.

I guarantee you while you’re going through these website improvements above, you’ll find other little things that you’ll want to fix. Schedule those for later.

I think you’re gonna love these….

Seven website improvements you can do right now


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