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So it’s time to put these two queens against each other: Showit or Squarespace. Let’s see who comes out on top.

Overall, you have to choose a platform that will give you what you want, you’re comfortable with, and will grow with your business.

We’re gonna talk about what both of Showit and Squarespace can do and some considerations to think of when you’re about to make the switch or sign up for the first time.

We’re gonna talk about what both of Showit and Squarespace can do and some considerations to think of when you’re about to make the switch or sign up for the first time.  #squarespace #showitdesign #squarespacetemplates #showittemplatees

Whenever someone asks me questions about choosing a website platform, here are a few questions that I want them to think about:

Let’s break down each of these questions and see where each platform stacks up:

  • Is it easy is the set up?
  • How long will it take me to launch?
  • Do you have a lot of design freedom?
  • Will you need eCommerce functions?
  • What is the blogging situation like?

Q1: How easy is the set up?

Both of our girls give you a very easy set up from the very beginning. Showit & Squarespace give you a trial period your first go around so you can feel everything out.

They both also give you the option to use some of their free templates.

All of these templates are designated by design teams or other businesses and are usually designed with certain type of audience in mind.

Meaning that some templates are designed to be geared more towards say photographers or brick and mortar businesses. 

Showit gives you the option to purchase templates from their own marketplace, while Squarespace only gives you free options.

The great thing about Showit is that it gives you the option of starting completely blank.

I’m talkin a straight up white screen. Squarespace doesn’t give you that, however, all it takes is for you to pick a template and delete all of the demo content to get pretty close. 

The Verdict: Both Platforms make it super easy for you to get up and running. 

Q2: How long will it take me to launch?

Now this questions is pretty much up to you.

How long it takes for you to design and set up your content is completely dependent on how organized you are and how much time you have.

I definitely suggest planning out the content and the structure of your site outside of the platform itself. Either in a Google doc or something.

AKA do not design your website then write your content directly into the platform itself.

I have a pretty handy google doc that you can download to plan out your content for each page:

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Q3: How much design freedom do you have?

If you’ve read even one post on this blog, you already know what I’m about to say: Showit is a 100% drag and drop platform; and I’ll say it over and over until I’m blue in the face.

You will not get THIS type of freedom with Squarespace. 

I know what you’re thinking: since Showit gives so much freedom, isn’t it the obvious choice? Hol’ up sis.

That might not actually be the case depending on the type of person that you are. 

All of that design freedom means that you literally have no limits, and that’s not always a good thing.

Meaning you could get a little out of hand and create an unorganized hot mess of a website.

If you’re someone that is decisive and can reel yourself in if things get too crazy, then Showit may work out for you.

Don’t get me wrong: designing on Squarespace isn’t bad. Like at all. You’ll still be able to quickly design a website that you’ll love on the platform.

However, if you really want to make your site unique you may have to add in some custom code or plugins for that extra umph.

Adding plugins and custom code to extend the function of your site isn’t hard; but sooner or later you may hit a wall with whatever you’re trying to design on that platform.

The Verdict: Both platforms will give you a strong foundation; but if you want the space and opportunity to keep designing without code – Showit is the winner here.

Q4: Do I need ecommerce functions?

Squarespace has an ecommerce platform that is steadily growing and expanding. So if selling products down the line is something that you’re interested in doing, you should add a point to the Squarespace score card.

While e-commerce is built into some of the Squarespace plans (all plans above the Personal Plan),  a similar built in ecommerce function is not available for Showit right now. 

Take my website for example:

On this site I have Showit templates for sale on my Showit website. I use a service called ThriveCart to help me sell my products.

You can learn about ThriveCart here – this is NOT an affiliate link.

There are some people (those on the Advanced Blog plan) that use WooCommerce to get a shop running on Showit, or  Shopify Lite.

The Verdict: If you plan on selling only a few products (digital and/or physical), Squarespace is your winner.

HOWEVER: If selling products (especially physical) is a huge part of your business, you might want to use an actual ecommerce platform like Shopify or WooCommerce. They will be more powerful when it comes to keeping track of your inventory and running your online shop more efficiently.

Q5: What is the blogging situation like?

I’m usually pretty skeptical of people that say they run a business online and don’t have a blog.

I know you shouldn’t judge people, but I don’t see the point in not harnessing SEO especially when it’s free.

No matter what you sell or what you specialize in, there are blog posts that you can write to either educate, entertain, or persuade your visitors to help you towards your goals and you can do it….for free.

Anyway, one of the major ways that Squarespace and Showit differ is the blogging experience.

First, Showit doesn’t come with a blog for each of their plans.

Meaning that if you choose the lowest plan on Showit, you do not get a blog added to your website. 

Blogging with Showit is done through WordPress.

When you sign up or upgrade to a higher plan, the Showit team will set up a blog for you.

They’ll even help migrate your posts from your old platform to Showit.

Yup you read that right. They will do all of that for it. It was a life saver for me.

On the flip side, Squarespace includes their own blogging content management system on every plan so there’s no worry there. 

I got an email from a subscriber that was thinking of purchasing one of the Showit templates in the shop.

She talked about wanting to blog more but wasn’t a fan of blogging with WordPress.

I was just getting used to blogging on WordPress myself (I was on Squarespace for about 3 years) but I had to be honest with her.

If you want to make blogging a big part of your business, you should be super comfortable with the blogging situation of whatever platform you choose.

So if working with WordPress is a drag for you, then that might be a deal breaker. 

Same goes for you my friend.

If you’ve sworn off WordPress and don’t even want to talk about her ever again, then Showit might not be the best place for you.

The Verdict: Pick a blog platform that you’ll be comfortable using. 

Need help growing your business?

Become a FHC Roommate and get exclusive access to a free library filled with resources to help you grow your business!

Thank you for subscribing!

Choosing Showit or Squarespace shouldn’t stress you out (and hopefully it doesn’t!) Maybe it’s the design nerd in me that loves learning and mastering something new.

But if that’s not you – you gotta pick the platform that is going to give you what you need and that you’re comfortable with.

What’s great about both platforms is that they’re built for the same type of user, but cater to different wants of those users. 

With every business decision you make in your biz (and there’s gonna be a ga-billion of them), you’ve got to do what’s best for you.

No one-size-fits-all ‘round here. 

If you’re still questioning yourself, leave a question below. I’ve put in many hours of work and have designed many a sites on each, so I’ve got your back. 

Showit or Squarespace: Which One is Better For Your Business?


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