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Let this template do all of the smooth talking for you. This template is filled to the brim with functionality and layouts that will guide your readers through who you are, what you can do, and why you’re the one true bad ass to give it to them.

Dreaming of Reverie

it's time for you to get back to reverie, and with a online home for your brand that looks this good - you'll be back to relaxing in no time. Reverie will take the minimalism and attention to detail that you're known for and punch it up a bit with some full screen imagery and large swipes of your brand's color palette. And since you're no reason - you've got a living and breathing heart in there - the about page gives your readers a peek inside of your story in a fun and engaging way. 

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a showit website template

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All the pages you need


About Page

Services/Investment Page

Contact Page w/Form

Portfolio Page B

TWO Custom Blog Landing Pages

Custom Individual Blog Post Page

Custom Individual Post Category Page

404 Error Page

pleasantly lost in one's thoughts

Running your own business is hard enough, so taking advantage of any pocket of time you have to do something you truly love (or do nothing at all) makes all the difference.

When your systems and tools that you use in your business work like well oiled machines, qualified leads and inquires come easier, warmer, and even more excited to work with you. Add Reverie to your arsenal and start planning what you're gonna do with that new free time.

Reverie in Action

quick & easy set up

no coding required

video tutorials

seo optimized

wordpress blog

and here's the best part..

Coming Soon Page

Thank You Page

Blog Landing Page A

Blog Landing Page b

→ Your purchased Fourth House Co. Showit template will be completely customized for your brand by me.
→ We'll use the base structure and layout of the template as our foundation and build something more unique that's aligned with your brand.
→ I'll add your content, images, colors, fonts, etc. to your site for you. If you're not sure what fonts or colors to use, I'll take care of that too!

why a full set up is the shit:

On the payment page for the template you want to purchase, there will be an option to pay for the Full Set Up Service. After your purchase, I'll send over a confirmation, process and next steps email within 1 business day.   

→ 1 on 1 Communication
→ Collecting all necessary images, copywriting, and other items and info needed to set up your site.
→ I’ll work with the Showit team on getting your blog posts and domain switched over (in case you’re coming from Wordpress or Squarespace to Showit)
→ URL mapping, and link redirects settings for keeping site SEO
→ Styling personalizations to fit your brand (colors, fonts, adding graphics)
→ 1 weeks support from me after the site is launched
→ Delivered within 10 business days


Want a new site with none of the headache?

As business owners we wear about 20 different hats a day in our lives: photographer, model, accountant, copywriter, graphic designer, mother, friend, partner, and friend. It can get super overwhelming wearing all of those hats and it can feel like you have to do everything yourself.

You don’t. This full set up service takes away the time and headache of setting up and customizing your new Showit template for you so you can get focus on balancing all those hats. Keep reading to learn more about this service.

Full Set Up Service

$500  |  turnaround time: Two Weeks

What you get:

Frequently Asked Questions

Unlike other platforms, Showit gives you 100% control of what your website looks like on mobile; so you can make sure that everything flows and looks fantastic even on a little screen.

is showit easy to use?

Showit uses Wordpress as their blog, so you get all the power of Wordpress, but without any of that fussy code. The Showit team will even set up the blog for you.

how do i use my blog?

Have a blast changing everything – the fonts, logos, colors, images, links, everything. Whatever you need to change to make this fit snug to your brand, you can do it!

How customizable is it?

With the SEO Workbook included in your purchase and Showit’s super easy to access and update SEO settings, the Google robots will have no choice but to love you.

How is the SEO?

Everyone is on their phones nowadays, right? Your new website is 100% optimized to fit any sized screen no matter the device.

Does it look good on mobile?

Video Library

Quick and easy video tutorials teaching you how to get your site up and running as quick as possible.

Plus these extra goodies


to help you write better content, launch faster, and quickly become a showit pro.

Website Copywriting Guide

A 10+ page guide teaching you what to write on each page and how to make sure your copy speaks to the RIGHT people.


Pre-Launch Checklist

Ready to launch? Before you hit that publish button run through this checklist and make sure your house is in order.


SEO Checklist

Make sure those Google Robots can find you by working through this SEO checklist.


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