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As a business owner, I’m always looking for ways to keep my overhead as low as possible, and learn how to use all my tools and services to their maximum. And I LOVE finding surprising ways to use Showit and my other tools that I already use on the daily and find new ways and efficient ways to use them.

Showit is my jam (you probably know this by now!) and the freedom that it gives when it comes to building pages & full websites without any code or box-like framework let’s us all get creative with how we use it.

Here are four surprising ways to use Showit that you may not know:

Showit can be used for a lot more than just a website platform. Here are four surprising ways to use Showit to better your business right now.
Four Surprising Ways to Use Showit

Easily Create Websites for Subdomains

Let’s talk about Showit Plus Sites. A plus site is a feature in Showit that allows you to create a separate website using a subdomain of your current domain. For example, if your main website is, you can create a completely separate website using a plus site with this subdomain:

Why would you want to use a Plus Site?

Plus sites are great for presenting designs or deliverables to clients, housing information about your studio, setting up sales information about a course, and so much more!

1) Pricing/Investment Guides:

Not everyone has access or wants to sit down and learn InDesign; and updating a PDF for each lead that comes you way is super tedious. I hear you – so why not make an interactive way for potential clients to learn about your services with a Plus Site? This plus site as a separate website just for clients with pages for your pricing, outlining your process, giving feedback and more. Then give links to your clients to specific pages at the right time to not overwhelm them.

You don’t have to use a plus site for this, creating a separate web page on your main site will do the trick too!

No Adobe needed!

2) Resource Library:

Whether this is a free resource library or one that you give to clients, Showit Plus Sites makes creating these libraries super easy. If you want to password protect these pages, there are a few steps you will have to take and some restrictions that you need to be aware of. Most importantly, right now Showit does not allow you to password protect a regular page, but you can password protect a section of a WordPress blog page. Click here to read more about this.

Here’s a work around for this if you’re not interested in using a wordpress page:

  1. Pick a place on your website where you want the login portal for people to use would be.
  2. Put a contact form & a submit button that has two fields where visitors can type in the password to the library and put in their email address (you should send them this password through email when they sign up for your list). Add a canvas view and put this contact form in Canvas view #1. Link that submit button to go to Canvas view #2.
  3. In canvas view #2, put a link to this resource library that the visitor can click that will take them to the actual library page.

3) Client Lounges:

Client lounges are specific webpages for your clients that can house all sorts of information about their project. From project deadlines, links to invoices and resources,  presentations, etc. Using Showit to create client lounges/ pages for your clients can be an easy way to really uplevel your client experience.

This gives your client a central location (that’s not in a bunch of emails!) to see everything going on with their project. This can be an alternative to a more structured client management system especially if you want to be in control of how everything looks and is structured.

I hope this helps you visualize all of the surprising ways to use Showit and how using it more efficiently can create a better experience for your clients and visitors.

Helping you take advantage of your platform so you can create a one-of-a-kind experience for your clients is super important to me with every brand I work with.

Let’s hop on a call and discuss how we can build a website for your brand that gets you those ideal clients that you’re dreaming of.


Four Surprising Ways To Use Showit In Your Business


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