Showit can be a very powerful platform if you know all of its features and use them to the max. Here are five Showit features that I know that you’ll love and can use on your website very easily.

Five Showit Features That You’re Going To Love

Top Five Showit Features:

Canvas Views

Canvas views are such a powerhouse feature that I’m not sure how I lived without it before.

They allow you to easily layer information inside of a canvas so you can add some interactivity to your site. Instead of long sections with a lot of paragraphs, you can use canvas views to hide certain sections of text and only make it available when something (image or text) is clicked.

Think of it like typical slideshow gallery that you can put words into and not just pictures. You can use canvas views for testimonials, showing portfolio pieces, or however you want!

Check out the GIF below to see it in action:

showit canvas views demonstration

Site Canvases

Site canvases come in handy when you have a section of information that you want to appear on multiple pages. An obvious example of this is your navigation and your footer. You want both of these sections to show up on every page, but you don’t want to edit 20 pages individually to change a link or a color. Site Canvases take care of that.

You can use site canvases for ANYTHING not just your navigation menu or footer.

One great way to use them is for your testimonials. Say you create a site canvas with all of your testimonials and design it how you like. Then add it to the pages that you need. If you ever want to edit anything, all you have to do is make that change once and it will automatically update each one!

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Plus Sites

Plus sites are super valuable when you want to create an extension of your site but do not want that page mixed up with your main website pages. Once you connect a domain in Showit, you can create a plus site by creating a subdomain in Showit. You can make as many as you want, and they’re 100% customizable design wise.

You can use a plus site to create a custom website for a course, a pricing guide, client portals, present designs to your clients, walk them through ordering additional products and services (like albums for photographers) etc.

Plus sites are super handy if you can implement them in your client experience or your process. Instead of having to update a PDF with new information, you can simply update a webpage and the changes are instant.

Complete Control of the Blog Design

Showit gives you 100% control over how your blog looks so you can create a seamless and on brand experience everywhere on your site.

Your blog is made up of WordPress templates pages that you build with the drag-and-drop Showit builder; and WordPress auto-populates with your blog information and posts when someone views the site.

In addition to the creative freedom, you get the power that comes with a WordPress blog! With plugins like Yoast and Jetpack, your SEO is in good hands.

Easy to add custom fonts

In other platforms, adding custom fonts usually means installing code somewhere and then writing more code for it to show up. That process isn’t always user friendly (and can be a bit annoying to have to do). Showit made this super easy for you to do with no code needed.

First you upload your font to this free online service (Showit gives you the link in the design settings); that process will convert the font to a .WOFF file.

Then you upload this file to your media library in Showit, go back to your design settings and select your new font. Boom.

Are there any Showit features that you’re loving? Let me know in the comments!

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Five Showit Features That You’re Going To Love


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