Six Things You Must Do Before Launching Your Website

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So you’ve decided to launch a website/blog and you’re wishing there was some pre-launch checklist to help you out?

Well good I got you covered girlfriend.

I’ve made many mistakes when launching my first website years ago, so let’s run down some essential tasks you should complete before you launch.

No. 01: Check all of your links, spelling and grammar.

Please Please Please, check your links! Nothing confuses or makes people (me included) more frustrated than a broken link. I’m no angel; I’ve launched with a broken link or two, and once I found out I was amazingly frustrated. 

You can check your links by clicking on every single one, or you can use this Chrome extension called Check My Links.

No. 02: Read all of your copy out loud:

This is something that I recommend you get in the habit of doing with anything that you write.

Especially when you’re writing website content. Most of us write while talking to ourselves silently, so we think it sounds good; but when you read it out loud it doesn’t sound right.

If you’re reading your content and you think it needs some CPR, check out this post here: Writing Website Copy That Converts.

No. 03: Check out your site on Mobile

Making sure your website is responsive on mobile HAS to be on your website pre-launch checklist. So, bust out your iPhone and that iPad, and pull up your site.

Naturally move through the pages on your site as if you were someone else, and make sure nothing is out of place. If you find things you need to fix, fix them now so you can keep moving.

Everyone is viewing pretty much everything on their phones nowadays, so things have to look good on smaller screens.

No. 04: Optimize for Search Engines

If you’re gonna track your marketing efforts to see what’s working and what isn’t, you’re gonna need Google Analytics to help you out.

Take the time now during pre-launch to set up your Google Analytics account and hook it up to your site.

You should also take care of your ALT tags for your images, page descriptions, and page titles.

If you’re completely clueless about SEO, no worries. Check out Neil Patel’s article: SEO Made Easy: A Step By Step Guide.

No.05: Create hype around your launch on social media and in your newsletter

Don’t forget to tell people about this new internet adventure you’re embarking on!

Use the time before your launch to get people excited. You can do a Instagram Live session or Story talking about how excited you are for people to see your new site.

Throw in some behind the scenes videos of you getting everything ready.

Another idea to get people fired up is to host a giveaway of one of your products, a mini session, or a minature version of your service. The list goes on.

Get creative! And while you’re at it, you can use the pre-launch time to start snagging people’s emails.  

No.06: Have a margarita!

Your website will never be PERFECT. Neither will your blog posts, emails, etc.

They will be damn good, but never perfect. So don’t sit with that site unpublished because you’re scared that you’ve missed something.

Launch that sucker and get some feedback from your subscribers (that’s what I did!), friends, family, and your social media followers.

They already like you and your content, so they’ll be happy to poke around for you.

But don’t forget to celebrate! Get that margarita and live it up!

Now those are the most essential tasks to do before you launch, below are some optional things you can do BUT if you don’t get them done right away it won’t kill you.

Just jot down the ones you think would benefit your business, and leave the rest.

Upload a few blog posts and create an editorial calendar

If getting SEO and Pinterest traffic is important to your business, now is a great time to get a few blog posts up and start sending traffic to them.

Fill them with actionable tips, solutions, recommendations, advice, etc. so they can walk away with something and take action.

Pre-launch is a great time to position yourself as an expert in your audience’s minds.

Once you get a few posts queued up, think about creating an editorial calendar.

It’s basically a calendar where you plan out what you’re going to talk about with your audience and when.

I like talking about the same thing on both my blog and Instagram (two of the three places that I’m active on) so I can use the same content on both.

By creating this calendar, you’re also setting up your content strategy at the same time.

At the bare bones, a content strategy is a plan that ties together your content to help you sell your offers, products, talk about launches, promo events, etc.

Create a social media strategy plan

First: don’t think that you have to be on every social media platform at once.

Some people can do that; but for others that causes some extreme burn out.

I know it did for me.

I tried to maintain a presence on the big four: Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Then I realized that I hated Facebook, and I have a love-hate relationship with Instagram.

Now I put my social media focus on Pinterest & Instagram.It’s much more manageable and enjoyable for me.

The point is, pick 2 or 3 platforms that you actually like being on, and commit to them!

Sign up for services like Later for Instagram or Tailwind for Instagram and Pinterest to help you schedule out posts and pins. You can also use Buffer for scheduling out tweets and Facebook posts.

Get in the habit of scheduling and planning things in advance so you can stay off the content creation hamster wheel and work on your craft.

Create a Freebie + Start an Email List

If collecting emails would be beneficial to your business, creating a freebie that you can promote on social media or Pinterest is a great (and easy) way to get started.

A freebie is something you offer people in exchange for their email address. The freebie can be in the form of a helpful PDF, checklist, workbook, pricing calculator (I know a few lady accountants that use this one), spreadsheet, meal plan, etc. 

Just make sure that it’s something that relates to a topic you want to be known for or already are an expert on. This will make it super easy to make and will help cement you in people’s minds as an expert.

Once you create that, sign up for a email delivery service like Mailchimp, Flodesk, Covertkit, Mailerlite, etc.

I use Convertkit currently, but I’ve used all of the above ones at some point in time.

Bonus: Create a email welcome sequence

Since people are giving you their email addresses, it’s safe to say that they want to hear more about you and what you do.

That’s what an email welcome sequence is going to give them: a more focused look into who you are and what you do.

Don’t let the word “sequence” scare you off. This doesn’t have to be some drawn or elaborate thing.

The purpose is to give them the chance to get to know you at a time when they are most engaged with you (which is right when they sign up to be on your list and get your freebie).

Here’s an example welcome sequence to get you thinking:

  • Email 1, Day 1: They get their freebie
  • Email 2, Day 1: An introduction to you, your business, what you do, and how often they will hear from you. (send this on the same day you deliver the freebie)
  • Email 3, Day 3: Check-in with them to see how they like the freebie, the best ways to use it, etc. You can also give them another freebie in this email too.
  • Email 4, Day 5: Tell them more about your story and point them to your most popular content. Encourage them to follow you on social media.

The above emails are scheduled pretty close to one another because you want to stay top of mind for them at the beginning of yalls relationship.

The great thing is that you can set up your email delivery service to do this for you automatically.

The above welcome sequence is a great starting point, and as you learn more about your audience and start focusing more on growing your list, this will change and evolve.

I hope this checklist was helpful for you! Below are a few more articles that I think you’ll find helpful in regards to refreshing your website design and copy, as well as troubleshooting some reasons why your new site might not be converting as well as you would hope.

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