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So you’ve decided to launch a website/blog and you’re wishing there was some website launch checklist out there to help you out?

Well good thing you landed right here today.

I’ve made countless mistakes when launching my first website and brand, let’s rundown the top 11 things that need to be on your website launch checklist. 

I’ve made countless mistakes when launching my first website and brand, let’s rundown the top 11 things that need to be on your website launch checklist. #showitwebsite #showitwebdesign #websitelaunch

Number One: Check all of your links, spelling and grammar.

Please Please Please, check your links! Nothing confuses or makes people (me included) more frustrated than a broken link. I’m no angel; I’ve launched a broken link or two, and once I found out I was amazingly frustrated. 

When checking your links, besides literally clicking on every link, you can use this handy Chrome extension called Check My Links.

Number Two: Read all of your copy out loud:

This is something that I recommend you get in the habit of doing.

When you’re writing your website content, you think it sounds good in your head, but when you read it out loud it doesn’t sound right.

And when you’re reading your content and you think it needs some CPR, check out this post here: Writing Website Copy That Converts and download the website content planner from the resource library for more help:

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Number Three: Check your Site On Mobile:

In this day and age, making sure your website is responsive on mobile HAS to be on your website launch checklist. Bust out your iPhone and that iPad. Everyone is viewing pretty much everything on their phones nowadays, so your website has to look good on mobile.

Naturally move through the pages on your site as if you were someone else, and make sure nothing is out of place. If you find things you need to fix, fix them now so you can keep moving.

Number Three: Check Your SEO

Now website launch checklist is worth its weight if you don’t optimize it for the Google robots.

Before you launch your website, make sure that you take care of your ALT tags for your images, your page descriptions, page titles, and set up Google Analytics.

If you’re completely clueless about SEO, no worries. Check out Neil Patel’s article: SEO Made Easy: A Step By Step Guide.

I’m turning into an SEO geek. I don’t know what it is about learning about search engines, keywords, bots, and all that jazz but I love it.

You don’t have to love it; but not being aware of its power is you being on the wrong side of your success. 

Number Four: Create hype around your launch on social media and in your newsletter

Don’t forget to tell people about this new internet adventure you’re embarking on!

Use the time before your launch to get people excited. You can do a Facebook Live session talking about one of your favorite topics and how excited you are for people to see your new site.

You can use also use Instagram Stories to do some behind the scenes videos of you getting everything ready.

Maybe host a giveaway of one of your products! The list goes on.

Get creative! And while you’re at it, now is the best time to start snagging people’s emails. That’s next on your website launch checklist. 

Number Five: Create a Freebie + Start an Email List

While your website is under construction, don’t waste the opportunity to connect with people.[DK1] 

Let your audience (whether on social media or in real life) know that you’ve got a website in the works and that they should sign up to know when you’re launched so they can check out all your bad ass work. 

The easiest way to do this is to add some sort of newsletter sign up on your under construction/coming soon page.

If you really want to kill it, which I know that you do, come up with a freebie to give in exchange for their email.

It can be in the form of a helpful PDF, checklist, workbook, pricing calculator (I know a few lady accountants that use this one), spreadsheet, meal plan, etc. 

Just make sure that it’s something that specifically relates to a topic that you want to be known for or already are an expert on. This will make it super easy to make and will help cement you in people’s minds as an expert.

Make sure you add in some of your branding and personality and voila. Happy subscribers. 

Number Six:  Upload a few blog posts

For some people this task might not make it on their website launch checklist, but if you want to start getting SEO and Pinterest traffic to your site right out of the gate, you don’t want to neglect it.

Use this time before your launch to crank out some blog posts and upload them so your readers already have some meaty content to get into.

Fill them with actionable tips, solutions, recommendations, advice, etc. so they can walk away with something and take action.

Now is the time to position yourself as an expert in people’s minds.

Here’s how you do it:

Think of 2-3 topics that are related to your business, you know a lot about, and feel you could write a pretty lengthy post about.

Write down each of those topics and outline everything you would want to talk about in that post. Add in any other subtopics or subheaders.

Then, think of what you can create to give to your readers that will help them understand the content better, or can help them apply it to their own lives/businesses. 

Number Seven: Create a content strategy

Before you launch, and you get majorly caught up in everything that involves running a website/business online, take some time to come up with a content strategy.

Just because you think that you’re not a writer or that you don’t know what to write, doesn’t mean that a blog isn’t necessary for your business.

It can be used for so many different reasons and allows you to connect with your audience on a deeper level. 

So just do it. Put it on your website launch checklist and get it done.

People want to hear from you. Your voice matters. 

What is a content strategy you ask?

At the bare bones, a content strategy is like a business plan or a contract you’re making with yourself (I know that those two things are completely different, but hang with me).

Creating one lays out your topics and ideas for your blog and newsletter takes the guesswork out of “what will I write about today?”

You’ll already have the answer to that question for weeks to come. 

Then you’ll use an editorial calendar to lay it when each post will go live according to how many times a week or a month you want to post.

As you start growing, you’ll start tailoring your content strategy and editorial calendar around your launch and new products.

Number Eight: Create a social media strategy

Don’t think that you have to be on every social media platform at once.

Some can do that; for others that causes some extreme burning out.

For me it for sure caused some burnout.

I tried to maintain a presence on the big four: Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. I realized that I hated Facebook, and I have a love-hate relationship with Instagram.

Now I put my social media focus on Pinterest & Instagram.

The point is, pick 2 or 3 platforms that you actually like being on, and commit to them!

Truly dedicate time and effort into optimizing those platforms.

Use it to get to know people and getting the word out about your business.

Sign up for platforms like Later for Instagram or Tailwind for Instagram and Pinterest. You can also use Buffer for scheduling out tweets and Facebook posts.

Start automating things so you can get off social media and love on your people and work on your craft.

Number Nine: Write at least two emails for your welcome email sequence

Your website launch checklist is almost complete girl!

So once you’ve got your first content upgrade ready to go, it’s time to think of your welcome sequence.

I didn’t do this AT ALL when I first started, and I kicked myself in the ass about it.

What’s a welcome sequence?

A welcome sequence is something that is pretty simple to whip up.

It’s one of the first ways to connect with new subscribers in a more personal and direct way: their inbox.

People take giving out their email addresses seriously, and since they’ve decided to give you theirs, you should take it seriously too.

Use the welcome sequence to introduce yourself, and tell them more about who you.

Talk about what you do and point them to your best content to check out; then encourage them to follow you on social media.

The welcome sequence itself doesn’t have to be long.

Here’s an example welcome sequence to get you thinking:

Email 1: They get their freebie

Email 2: An introduction to you, your business, what you do, and how often they will hear from you. (send this on the same day you deliver the freebie)

Email 3: Check in with them to see how they like the freebie, the best ways to use it, etc. You can also give them another freebie in this email too.

Email 4: Tell them more about your story and point them to your most popular content. Encourage them to follow you on social media.

That’s a pretty good starting point. As you learn more about your audience and start focusing more on growing your list, this will change and evolve.

Number Ten: Have a margarita!

That website launch checklist is complete and it’s time to launch boo!

My BEST advice is to recheck your links, spelling, and grammar, and let that puppy fly into the interwebs.

Your website will never be PERFECT. Neither will your blog posts, emails, etc.

They will be damn good, but never perfect. So don’t sit with that site unpublished because you’re scared that you’ve missed something.

Launch that sucker and get some feedback from your subscribers (that’s what I did!) and your social media followers.

They already like your content, and they may send you an email with any issues they see.

Get that taco and that margarita and live it up. 

Now the real work begins. 

I think you’ll love these…..

The Ultimate Website Launch Checklist You Need for a Smooth Launch


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