Website Stressing You Out?

Website Conversion Review

$250 USD

Which one sounds like you:⁠

A) You know how important your website is to your business, and you know it could use some love (reorganizing, optimization, etc.) but you're not sure where to start first. And you're not quite ready to hire a designer.⁠

or B) You're about to launch or relaunch your site and you want to make sure that it's user-friendly, engaging, informative, and is set up to bring the right people into your inbox or purchasing your products.⁠

I hear you. Building and maintaining a website on your own can be a bit overwhelming. But you're not alone.⁠

Website Conversion Reviews are meant to give you a strategist/designer's insight into your website and things that you can (and really should) fix right now to start getting more inquiries, sales, email subscribers, etc.⁠

It's like bringing in your car for a check-up - you love your baby and you want to make sure she's in top condition for your travels together.⁠

You'll receive a 30 minute or less video walkthrough of me combing through each public page on your site giving you my notes and ideas on design, organization, optimization, structure, flow, and more. You'll also receive a PDF with my notes and some action steps so you can get started right away.⁠


I'm gonna take a fine tooth comb to your website

Me and your website are gonna get real comfortable. I'm going to be looking at overall structure and flow, design, strategy holes, ways that your message could be clearer, and more!

Here's how it's gonna go down:

1. Once you purchase the review, you'll receive a confirmation email. I'll be in touch when you should expect your review to be sent to you.

2. On your delivery day, you'll receive a PDF detailing my notes as well as a 30 minute or less video walkthrough of your site.