Alright, let’s do some demystifying of what brand strategy is.

It’s a hot buzzword right now, and while it’s a topic many people are talking about it seems to be confusing more than it’s helping.

So in this post let’s talk about what brand strategy is and what a typical brand strategy should cover.

What is brand strategy?

Brand strategy is the plan/approach that a brand uses to successfully market to its target audience in hopes to achieve its goals.

In that strategy are the tools and elements the brand will use while executing that approach.

It’s your plan of attack. It lays out the foundational philosophies, guiding stars, differentiators, etc of your brand and how those things should be used to increase brand awareness, revenue, opportunities, etc.

Sounds important right? Because it is! And while it may sound complicated, there are varying levels of depth that a it can have.

It’s more than a path to visuals

When you work with a designer, all of them will work with you through a pre-design phase.

During this phase, you and your designer will discuss what the brand should look like, who your target audience is, color choices, and typography.

And that approach is great! However, that’s not truly brand strategy.

Brand strategy is more than just a path to what your visual identity is going to look like.

A small percentage (about 10%) of your brand strategy is focused primarily on what your visual branding looks like.

That’s not to say that it isn’t an important element of your brand – because it is!

However, it is not the most important. It’s usually not a deciding factor on whether or not your services or products are chosen over your competitors.

Brand Strategy is more than a path to visuals

The reason your offering gets chosen over your competitors usually comes down to a few things:

  • They align with your values
  • Your relationship to your target audience is strong
  • How you speak and connect to them
  • How much they value what makes you unique and different.

All your visual branding does is establish something visual that leads people back to what your brand really is.

Your brand is a living thing with beliefs, a personality, a familiar tone of voice and a message.

Those things speaks to your audience’s pain points on an emotional level. This allows them to make a connection to the brand.

So why brand strategy important?

Having a comprehensive brand strategy, something to guide business and marketing decisions is an irreplaceable tool that every business needs.

We all fall victim to shiny object syndrome and it can be so easy to hop on the latest trend.

Or get caught up in the latest marketing trend that your competitor is doing and try to copy it.

Your brand strategy is a combination of everything that makes your brand unique and how that uniqueness can be used impactfully.

A good one will take stock of where you are now and where you want to go.

As well as the pathway to getting there.

This living and breathing document is something to be handed over to your social media managers, team members, contractors, etc so everyone can understand what the brand is made of and what makes it unique.

It’s your plan of attack in an ever-changing landscape of running a business.

I hope this post shows you how important brand strategy is to your business and how it’s much more than pretty logos and color palettes.

It is the most important step in every project here at The Fourth House Co. and it will stay that way for a very long time.

If you’re interested in what Brand Strategy can do for your business and want to learn more, you can get in touch with here:

What Is Brand Strategy And Why Do I Need It?

Brand Strategy is more than a path to visuals

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