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If I was a betting type of gal, I would put a good chunk of my money on the idea that the services page is top three of the most important pages on a website. I would also put money on the fact that most people don’t utilize it like they should, or put enough thought into writing their services page.

I get it. Writing and designing your services page can be a real pain in the ass. But you gotta do it. 

So put on your bra and get to work – and use this post to guide you on the types of content and general structure of a kick ass services page.  

Use this post to guide you on the types of content and general structure of a kick ass services page. #servicespage #workwithmepage #pricingstrategy

First, let’s talk about what your services page is and what it isn’t:

What your services page isn’t:

I know it can be hard to sit down and “sell” your services but it’s something we’re just gonna have to work through. 

Despite all the heartache your services page may be giving you, here’s what you should NOT be doing on or with your services page:

It’s not a place for you to simply say “call or email me for a quote”. 

That may work for larger businesses that don’t deal in luxuries, but I have hunch that you’re an entrepreneur that deals in delivering “luxuries” to clients (things people don’t necessarily need to survive like a food or shelter).

Plus, you’re going to frustrate a lot of window shoppers. I know I know, you want to get people on the phone so you can talk to them directly right?

I hear you – but you don’t want to talk to every single damn person do you? 

No. You do not want everyone contacting you just so you can waste your time on people that aren’t ready to work with you yet. Those are called unqualified leads. 

It’s not a place to only write out the features of your packages and their prices. 

Why not? Because you’re closing yourself off to making a connection, reiterating why your services matter, and focusing on the benefits of what you do and how it will impact their life. 

Plus, the features that you offer won’t be too different from the features that your competitor offers. 

For example, say you’re a wedding photographer, and in your packages you offer a range of 500 to 700 edited digital photos in a gallery (don’t laugh at my example if it sounds outrageous). 

I guarantee you that there is another photographer offering that exact same package as you. 

It’s very obvious that as a wedding photographer, you’ll be delivering photos to your clients, so why waste time and space on the page by saying it over and over? 

What isn’t obvious to your readers is what sets you apart from those other photogs: do you have a very distinct editing style? What is your client experience like?

If the only thing you write on your services page is a bullet list of what comes in your packages, the prices, plus a weak contact form – you’re hurting yourself in the long run.

No one is saying that your services page has to be some Shakespearean sonnet. But it does need some meat on it’s bones. 

What your services page should be:

Your services page should be a place for you to go bit deeper into the why behind the why of what your readers are looking for and how you can deliver. 

It’s on this page that you’ll want to reiterate their pain points and how your services are perfectly positioned to help ease them. 

It’s also the place where you have to lay out what’s in it for them. 

We’re all selfish creatures – and it’s ok. A lot of the times we go into situations wondering how this will affect us personally and what benefits will be see from going on this journey. 

So lay that out for them. You can lay that out very plainly or weave it in and out of your copy. 

You’ll also want to hit on the benefits that you provide, how their life/business will improve after working with you, and information that helps them qualify themselves. 

So what do I really mean by that: 

You want your readers to qualify themselves on your website (especially your services page) as much as possible before they contact you. 

This keeps you from running the risk of hopping on the phone with someone that is not ready at all to get to work or that will ghost you. 

You want to give people just enough information to qualify themselves and see your services as valuable to them – then encourage them to reach out to you for more information and vetting. 

Christine Thatcher over at Designing to Delight talks more about this, you should definitely check it out. 

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Now that it’s super clear why your services page is super important, here are some tips on how to write your services page and a logical order to put them in:

Section One: Opening/Introduction

You’re going to want to open your services page with your elevator pitch, or a basic overview of your services. Why?

Because people are skimmers and they want to get to the good stuff as fast as possible. 

Use this section to hit them with the biggest and most hurtful pain point that you solve. 

Section Two: Expand on your pitch

Now you can get into what you do and who you do it for.

Go into why it matters (in the short term and in the long term) and what the benefits are. 

You want this section to get them to start caring and thinking more and more about their goals and how their current situation isn’t helping them get where you want them to go. 

Use this section to get them to care – about themselves and about the solution that you provide. 

Section Three: Dip into your packages

We’re still holding on to the “talk about the benefits over the features” concept here. 

Your job is to lay out your package(s) and who they’re best for.

If you have certain packages that are best for bloggers vs entrepreneurs, or newbies vs seasoned vets, this is the time to lay that out so people can clearly see the package that’s best for them.

Talk about what they will receive (try to hit on an emotional benefit and a physical benefit if you can) throughout and at the end of the service and how once it’s done they’ll be even closer to crushing their goals (or their why behind the why is). 

If you want to lay out some of the features of your packages, that’s ok too. Try not to go too overboard and make it feature-focused. Stay benefit-focused.

Section Four: Let others do the talking for you

If you’ve got some testimonials, throw ‘em in! Let other people do the selling and the cheerleading for you in this section. If you have any testimonials about the results that they saw after working with you, or how they felt throughout (and at the end) of the process, those work fantastic as well. 

Use this section as your not-so-humble brag. 

Section Five:  lay out your process

As we’re getting closer and closer to the call to action, you want to start laying out brief overviews of actual steps that need to happen to get started or what will happen during the project.

We don’t want any surprises, so take this time now to educate readers on what the process will be like from start to finish.

Giving this information up front will up your trust factor immensely and help readers gauge timelines and what’s needed of them. 

Section Six: Call to Action

Ahh the section that needs no real explanation! Here is where you call them to action. 

Ask them to hop on a call with you or fill out a form and you’ll get back to them (highly recommend this way). 

You can use this section to wrap everything up and encourage them to take that first step and get in touch with you. 

Boom. Services page KO’ed.

Need help growing your business?

Become a FHC Roommate and get exclusive access to a free library filled with resources to help you grow your business!

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Writing your services page doesn’t have to some shitty drawn out process if you don’t want it too. It’s quickly grown to be one of my favorite pages to work with and write every time. 

It’s really about knowing what your ideal clients are struggling with and how you can position your services to best help them ease those struggles. 

Writing the services page (and all of the other pages on your website) is something that I help clients work through on our custom projects together. If you’re looking to revamp your website and start converting readers into clients, fill out this quick form and let’s get started!

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